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Africa : South Africa

South Africa is an adventure through wild savannahs

12 Reasons To Do A Safari In South Africa

When the time came to decide on our honeymoon destination, André and I knew we wanted one thing...

15 Jun 2016
Why do we choose South Africa as our Honeymoon destination?

When we were thinking of our honeymoon destination, the first places that came to mind were the “typical” idyllic places. The ones that have the very ...

25 May 2016
Motswari Private Game Reserve: A Luxury in the Kruger Park Called Geiger’s Camp

We loved our honeymoon in South Africa and one of the main reasons for that was the fact that w...

20 May 2016
Driving from Johannesburg to Kruger Park

As soon as we arrived in South Africa for the first time to enjoy the second half of our honeym...

18 May 2016

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