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Europe : Greece

Greece is ancient ruins and historic secrets to be unveiled

Oia and The Most Romantic Sunset in the World

Every corner in Santorini deserves to be photographed. There is a sense of perfect harmony betw...

30 Sep 2014
How to Visit Athens’s Historic Center

To think about Ancient Greece is magical – it’s philosophy, democracy, justice, beauty. This golden age of the Western Civilization is still alive in ...

25 Sep 2014
The Birth of Democracy: The Best That Athens Has to Offer

One of Europe’s oldest capitals, the history of Athens begins in the Neolithic era. And it’s in...

24 Sep 2014
An Island for Lovers: The Best That Santorini Has to Offer

To talk about Santorini is to talk about the best week of our lives. Santorini is for the roman...

22 Sep 2014
Our First Day in Santorini

It was on a sunny afternoon that we arrived in Santorini. Landed from Rome, we already had our ...

20 Sep 2014
The Best Beaches in Santorini

The island of Santorini is very popular for its romantic atmosphere, fabulous landscapes and de...

18 Sep 2014
How to Visit the Acropolis Museum

When we decided to visit Athens, we had one very special place in mind that we wanted to visit:...

15 Sep 2014

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