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The Best Tips To Visit Niagara Falls


The first thing we did as soon as we got to New York at 4pm was to rent a car and drive almost 700km to see the Niagara Falls. We had never driven outside of Europe, we were in the peak of winter in February and the roads were full of snow and sometimes even ice. Still, we got on the road, stopped somewhere along the way to grab a bite to eat, and we made it just in time to spend the night in Niagara. What an adventure! To see with our very own eyes things we had only until then pictured in my mind was an indescribable feeling.


To make your visit as a couple even more special, check out our tips for how to visit the Niagara Falls:



The best time of year to experience everything that the Niagara Falls have to offer is undoubtedly summer. During that time, not only are temperatures more pleasant but guided tours and entertainment options are in full swing which allows you to make the most of what the falls have to offer. The is also the most expensive time to visit, so if you’re traveling on a budget but you want to avoid the snow then opt for the months of September, early October and May. Between October and April, the cold of the winter will determine the conditions of the falls.



The falls belong to both the USA and Canada so they’re accessible from both countries. So the question is: which is the best side to view the falls? There is no doubt that the Niagara Falls are more impressive from the Canadian side – the falls here are bigger and the area to explore them is also. But there are those that complain that this side of the falls is too commercialized, making the experience less natural and sometimes more expensive. From the US side, there are some walking paths and lots of trees which turns the entire landscape more scenic. With time, you can always visit the falls from both countries or walk across Rainbow Bridge to get a view from both sides.


How Long to Visit

The falls deserve to be admired with time so we recommend spending at least one day to visit them. If you’re coming from Toronto, going and returning in the same day is perfectly possible (Toronto is less than 150km from Niagara). But if you’re coming from New York, it will be best to spend at least one night in Niagara to rest from the journey and make the most of the falls.



Besides observing and feeling the strength of the falls, there are plenty of organized tours and activities to take you as close to the falls as possible. Something we really wanted to have done (but ended up being impossible when we visited) was taking the Maid of the Mist boat trip. This boat, which you can catch from the US and Canadian side takes you right up to the falls in unique (and wet!) adventure! The Cave of Winds Tour is also a cool experience that takes you down to the gorge of the falls so you can touch the water as it’s falling!



Like we said, we ended up being really surprised at the amount of touristic activities that exist in Niagara. If you have some time, it’s worth it to spend a fun night at the Niagara Fallsview Casino, visit the historic Old Fort Niagara or enjoy the panoramic views from Skylon Tower!

Have you visited the Niagara Falls? What was your favorite part about it?

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