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The 20 most “Instagrammable” spots in Lisbon


We got lost again in Lisbon and we shared in our Instagram some pictures (Instagram @honeymooners). Here we gathered our selection of places that nobody can miss in a visit to Lisbon.



The Sé de Lisboa seems to be a great starting point for getting to know this charming city. It was here that we began our day. One of the most symbolic places of the reconquest of this territory to the Moors, and built more than 800 years, is one of the ex-libris of the city and it cannot be forgotten. Contemporary of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame (Paris), it is impossible not to find the similarities.




To know Lisbon is also to lose ourselves in the typical neighborhoods of the heart of the city. We fell in love with Alfama and Bairro Alto on this sunny winter day, and were incredibly surprised by the beauty that each corner offers one.




It’s impossible to speak about Portugal without speaking of fado. Alfama was the neighborhood where so many times one of the greatest Portuguese fadistas sang, Amália Rodrigues. The tribute is given to her in every detail. Fado is remembered and listened in the restaurants and from the windows of the houses. And if fado tells the lie story of these people, in Alfama we feel ourselves entering the intimacy of the Portuguese people.




We decided to go to the Castle of São Jorge and on this walk, the Miradouro de Santa Luzia unexpectedly emerged. Do you know those exciting and breathtaking sights? This is one of them. The Tagus river in the background, the beautiful Commerce Square, (...), here we have a nuance of what this Lisbon “menina e moça” (girl and young woman) really has to offer us.




If we found the previous view very beautiful, the São Jorge Castle is nothing to lose as well. It's really worth coming here. And no Portuguese pay entrance on Sunday’s morning to get to visit this overwhelming monument. Built by the Muslims in the XI century and later became the residency of the D. Afonso Henriques, by the time of the conquest of Lisbon. It has wonderful gardens, in where you feel like stopping and data a bit, here where the history weights. We even commented that if those walls spoke, much we would learn.




We left the typical neighborhoods of the city that we confessed adored and went to have lunch in a more modern part of the city, the Park of Nations. Often dubbed as the "Lisbon of the XXI century”, it has an atmosphere different from what one feels in the heart of Lisbon. At the edge of the Tagus river, we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch.




The Lisbon Oriente Station is the most beautiful bus and train station in Portugal. Inserted in the Park of the Nations, we find the architecture of this place extraordinarily beautiful. Well worth visiting during the day and at night, we can say it is a DREAM.




The Vasco da Gama Bridge has an element that awakens the curiosity of many tourists. It’s not just another beautiful architecture piece in the Portuguese capital, yet is the longest bridge in Europe and one of the longest in the world.




First known as Salazar Bridge, after the Carnation Revolution renamed as the 25 de Abril Bridge. With innumerable similarities to the Golden Gate in California, is the lady of authentic postcards of the city of seven hills.




The monument, classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO and elected as one of the 7 Wonders of Portugal, is really one of those mandatory points of any visit to this city we love. Is not only because of the proximity of the Pastéis de Belém, to which we never resist, but for all the symbolism and beauty of the Tower. Initially, was an important milestone of defense in that area of the Tagus river, but now stands out mainly by the implicit nationalism. All surrounded by decorations of the Coat of Arms of Portugal, referring to a time when the country was a global power.



MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology)

The MAAT has become one of the most charming places in Lisbon. From here, we see the Belém Tower and the Monument of the Discoveries and on the other side the 25 de Abril Bridge. The atmosphere is spectacular in this area of the city. Children, young people and adults take advantage of the breeze coming of Tagus River to stroll, date, run, and ride bicycle. Here we had the chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen. It’s worth feeling the city from this place.




The Pink Street has a young and quiet atmosphere. The bars and restaurants zone was restructured by the architect José Adrião to give a new concept and organization to the area. It has become super cool and a must place for the best Instagram pictures of any tourist passing through Lisbon.




We found the São Paulo Street so different from the others. We don’t know if it’s because arch that was part of the great work of the Águas Livres Aqueduct, or if it’s by the lines of the electrics that still circulates. Maybe perhaps it’s one of the places in the city that still maintains traces of Pombaline architecture. We can say thought that it is definitely worth passing through here.




One of the entrances to the most charming square of the city, the Commerce Square. Here, to the sound of the seagulls, the river and the boats that approach, it’s worthwhile to just let the time go by and enjoy the tranquility of this place.




The Praça do Comércio or Terreiro do Paço is one of the largest squares in Europe. Formerly place of the palaces of the Kings of Portugal (for nearly two centuries), today it has a special "dynamics" and "light". It should be visited and enjoyed to the fullest.




The Santa Justa Lift is in the heart of downtown Lisbon. A well-crafted iron structure that transports passengers from Baixa de Lisboa to the ruins of Carmo Church. Another way to lose your breath with the view you can get from here.




The Carmo Convent and the ruins of the church with the same name are worth a visit, not only for the walk up the hill to get there, but also because it’s one of the few structures of the city that was not totally destroyed during the earthquake of 1755. A small curiosity, know the expression "fall the Carmo and Trinity"? (maybe that works only in Portuguese…) has its origin in these ruins and in the neighboring Trinity Convent.




There is no one who comes to Lisbon and doesn’t want to take a close-up of one of most beautiful electric cars in the city, and even visit the city on it. Yes, because the Bica Funicular is not the only one in the city, yet this one is specifically considered the oldest funicular going through the most picturesque route.




Ler Devagar Library is located in one of the most IN places of the moment in Lisbon, in the LX Factory. A "factory" with unique and different shops, artists and restaurants. Ler Devagar is perfectly integrated with its originality. Here, one is supposed to read soooo slow. Not to be missed at all.



ROSSIO (D. Pedro IV Square)

It was reborn from the wreckage left by the earthquake of 1755 and stood as a sunny and welcoming space. Wide and lively by the hotels, restaurants and shops, by the traditional Rossio florists and by the hundreds of tourists that visit it daily, it shouldn’t be missed. The pavement of the square is covered by Calçada Portuguesa (our very own type of pavement) that has enchanted everyone. Two monumental fountains, the statue of D. Pedro IV in the center, and the smell of roasted chestnuts flavoring the environment. This is one of those places that you only really know after you been there and lived it.


We don’t feel tourists in Lisbon, we always find it's like getting home. Friendly, charming and always very welcoming. We always leave wanting to go back and we always feel like staying a bit more. “Lisboa menina e moça amada, Cidade mulher da nossa vida” (Lisboa girl and young woman beloved, City woman of our life”!

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