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A wedding in Jerusalem: The charming Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem


During our stay in Jerusalem, we were proudly invited to stay at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel. Situated in the heart of the Holy City, just a few minutes walking from the old town and close to the Jaffa gate, the hotel has an incredible architecture that, comprising different styles and cultures and a 90-year-old facade, extraordinarily well conserved.


Yet, was when we entered the lobby that we felt like in a Hollywood movie. It's breathtaking! The large and spacious spaces, the enormous lamps, the extraordinarily beautiful decoration, and two separate restaurants with interior gardens, remind us of terraces inside the hotel itself.


The several floors we could see from the lobby were kind of a reminiscence of Romeo and Juliet’s romance. We don’t know if it’s the color of the façade or the arches that compose the corridors (remnants of the Greek style), we only know that it is beautiful.


Do you know when there's that strong desire to enjoy every possible detail? It is what happened as soon as we entered this luxurious, comfortable and intimate space. As if all the visible qualities are not enough, the staff is the most friendly and available that we had never seen. People were approachable and helpful, enthusiastic about who we were and what we were planning to do there. We felt really privileged.


We felt like the main character of a movie, when entering a bathtub of foam in the morning, and relaxing to the sound of music, that comes from the mirror. Yes, there was a television set in the mirror of the room. We had never seen it before. We opened the windows to complete the scenery, and we let ourselves go, dazzled by that set of experiences that only a hotel like the Waldorf Astoria could offer.


Getting up early is everything we feel like doing when we have the opportunity to be in a hotel like this, and in a city like Jerusalem (and we are not being sarcastic, it really is). It's a mixture of feelings. The one of wanting to enjoy and know a unique reality out there, and the one of wanting to enjoy the interior spaces of the hotel, that so well characterizes the same reality. A butterfly in the stomach appears when the sun hits the window in the morning and invites us to leave the comfortable bed, just to show us a wonderful view of the historical and emblematic places of the Holy City.


When we went down for breakfast, in every morning we had a chance to stay at the hotel, a set of impulses in our brain automatically made us feel grateful. It could be the unique scent of the hotel, the flowers, the glitter of the crystals of the lamps, the tiles on the floor while we waited in the elevator, or the lovely breakfast table waiting for us to the sound of classical music. It could be anything. The warming good mornings we received from each of the employees were a gift. They are really lovely. The flavors of the breakfast... those, just experiencing. From the several types of bread (fresh and crunchy), the smell of the freshly baked cakes, croissants, pancakes, and waffles, the huge table of juicy fruit, to a wide variety of French cheeses and nuts, we still had the English breakfast and, finally, the typical Israeli breakfast. Everything is made and arranged with an irreproachable pride. Just to let you know, the natural juices are the perfect concentrate of energy for another happy and successful day.


During our experience at this charming place, in conversation with the staff, we finally realized that they host wedding venues at the hotel. Can you imagine what it would be like to get married in the Holy City and celebrate with your loved ones under the light of enormous ceiling lamps with crystals shining more than the light itself, in large rooms decorated as for a royal wedding, and between secular walls (if they spoke, what would have they to tell...)? This can happen at the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem. André and I didn't hesitate to finish our session in Jerusalem in this charming space, and we are looking forward to celebrating a special wedding anniversary here with our children and some guests. It is really a dream!


There is only one less good thing to point out about this hotel, the check out hour. Because saying goodbye to amazing places and amazing people is always something hard to do when the experience is as positive as was ours.


Nevertheless, it will always be a see you soon.

For reservations: Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem.

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