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How does a moment last forever?


Joana & André

Sometimes you can capture your happiness and time and place stand still. That’s how it was with us at the Taj Mahal, the place where we lived a unique, special and defining moment in our lives. The people, the place and each detail made us feel like we were living a fairytale and we were the princess and the prince. It was here that our adventure started taking shape – in our wedding dress and suit, celebrating our love among the most different context, cultures and realities.


We always loved capturing our favorite moments through photography and, at the time of this photo, our journey as husband and wife had already begun 5 months earlier. It was on 7 May 2016 that, along with our families and friends, we lived one of the most fascinating and happy days of our lives: our wedding. After many years of dating, our life as a couple was beginning and it was an inexplicable joy for us and for those who watched us grow over the last 11 years to celebrate that day.


It was always you and me, in the good and the bad times. We got through the adventure of university together, we were able to adapt to the many changes and new realities and, in the end, we always came out stronger and closer together as a couple. After all, it was only at 14 years old that we started walking hand-in-hand in school.


In 2008, we had the opportunity to take our first trip aboard. We were headed to London, on a school trip. And thus we were bitten by the travel bug. We knew that nothing would ever fulfill us as much as living our adventures together. The possibility of sharing memories and discover the world together became our goal.


We are Joana and André, now husband and wife, together for 11 years and best friends since forever. We always follow our hearts and, more than looking for beautiful landscapes and incredible cities, we travel to create memories together. We don’t just go to new places; we like to live these new places, together. Sharing these experiences with you all is a privilege to us.

This is how a moment lasts forever!


04/11/2005 — ∞

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