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Today, we want to talk to you about the travel insurance company of our choice: IATI. We have already told you of our biggest misfortune on the road in Zanzibar. We have already explained to you that we have learned from this trip that there is no shortage of reasons to buy travel insurance. (And, already, enjoy! We are offering a 5% discount to all our readers who buy this insurance through our link!)

IATI is an insurance company that has existed since 1885. At the moment they are the number 1 travel insurance company in the Iberian Peninsula with fantastic insurance and very affordable prices!

As you know, nowadays, we do not dispense with buying travel insurance whenever we set out on a new adventure. We have tried a number of travel insurance, but IATI's are without a doubt the ones we recommend and for a variety of reasons.



- No deductibles: IATI is one of the few insurance companies that does not have deductibles. That is, they pay all assistance expenses from the first euro. This means that the amount we pay for insurance is all we have to pay - no surprises!

- Attendance in English, Spanish and Portuguese: The service of the IATI is already great because it is available 24 hours, but it can be better than many other international insurance because they do service in three languages! We know that in a situation of stress, the last thing we want is to be trying to translate our concerns into English or some other language. With IATI we have the comfort of being able to communicate in our own language - and still accept calls to pay at the destination!

- No cash advance: With IATI, we do not have to pay expenses to be repaid later. So they will never have the problem of being in a situation where the cost of the assistance is too expensive or simply do not have enough money to pay the necessary expense on time. Less a concern - check!


- Repatriation: Many insurance may cover travel expenses, but IATI covers 100% (unlimited!) The amount of your repatriation in case of serious illness or accident. Plus - you can still cover the transportation of a relative to your destination if you are hospitalized for more than two days!

- Equipment: Who, today, does not travel with a camera, tablet, hard disk or other electronic equipment? With IATI, they have 50% of the insured value of this type of equipment!

- Maximum coverage: IATI has several types of insurance for all types of travelers. For the more adventurous, IATI covers more than 50 types of extreme sports and adventure. For backpackers, IATI offers insurance that covers all trips up to one year. For those who prefer to travel by sea, IATI has special coverage for cruise travel. You will not miss anything!



Now that you are already convinced that IATI really has the best travel insurance service in Portugal, know the types of insurance that can be purchased:

- IATI Basic: The ideal insurance for a short trip to nearby destinations that covers up to € 30,000 in medical expenses.

- IATI Standard: Perfect for trips within Europe or Southeast Asia, this insurance gives you an intermediate cover with up to € 80,000 in medical expenses and good coverage in cases of repatriation, theft and baggage damage and transportation delays.

- IATI Star: IATI's most comprehensive travel insurance offers you medical insurance coverage of the highest in the European market (up to € 200,000) and is therefore the ideal insurance for travelers to destinations such as the United States or Canada where costs are higher. More adventurous travelers will also find here a vast coverage of extreme sports!

- IATI Backpackers: For those who want to travel without destination or for an already planned duration, this travel insurance is the ideal option. With a high medical coverage (€ 100,000) and the inclusion of extreme sports and lost computer equipment, this insurance is flexible for any situation that arises on a more adventurous trip!

- IATI Bloggers and Great Travelers: For those who love travel, this is the perfect policy because it is precisely designed for trips that last from six months to a year. Yes, this insurance covers all trips you make for 365 days! It covers medical expenses up to 200,000 €, extreme sports, you have the option of insurance for cruising and more! The best part is that it is super flexible and adaptable to fit the conditions of your travels.

- IATI Cancellation: For those who just want to ensure that travel cancellation costs are covered, this is the best insurance. It can be activated at any time (with a grace period of 7 days) and covers a huge variety of causes of cancellation.

Does it seem too good to be true? Simulate the cost of these insurance here and do not forget that you can take advantage of the 5% discount we are offering!


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