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Behind the scenes: Wedding session in Austria


It was the end of November that we´ve decided to visit Austria, but, it wasn´t our first choice! On our way to Madrid, after so many trips together, something completely unexpected happened. We had a flight to Tanzania and, some 30km from the airport, our car broke down. Between the delays of the tow car and the taxi, we arrived at the airport minutes before the passengers had started to board the plane. With countless suitcases (namely the ones with our wedding dress and suit that we were taking with us to do our trash the dress shoot in Africa), the kind ground hostess explained that it would be impossible for us to get on that plane. Sitting at the airport in Madrid, we were forced to cancel with our photographer and act as quickly as possible to minimize the damage that unexpected missed flight had caused us.

We returned to Portugal by taxi. Tired and a bit discouraged, our only problem now was how to make the most of our vacation days (which we still wanted to enjoy!) and where we would do our “trash the dress” shoot in order to complete our goal of traveling every continent dressed as bride and groom.

Back home, the next day, we woke up early to reorganize ourselves and we quickly set out to find our solution. We decided to do our shoot in Austria. We see Europe as an elegant and charming continent and winter brings beauty and an unmatched romanticism to the old continent. The snow, the orange leaves of the trees and the fleeting rays of sunshine evoke a coziness that we also look for in each other.

André, who is always assertive and efficient, quickly found Sara and Senad. We became fans of their work as we discovered it and as soon as we told them about our adventure, Sara couldn’t be more excited. We had found our solution. It was Sunday and we planned everything for the following Friday. We quickly traveled to Switzerland and rented a car to visit some places there with the aim of making our Austrian dream come true by the end of the week.

On the eve of our session, the rain arrived in full force and we got a call from Sara and Senad who suggested we push back our session one day. We pushed it to Saturday and made the most of our time to take a detour and visit Neuschweinstein in Germany. We were afraid of the weather and we were anxious. Friday night, under torrential rain, we arrived in Austria, the country where we would complete our adventure. The next day, we woke up early as planned and, of course, we immediately ran to the window. It was a beautiful sunny day and the country was covered in white. It was the ideal scenery, we had made the right decision.

We started our shoot in Gollinger, in one of the most beautiful waterfalls we had ever seen. Of course our adventure suits aren’t the most appropriate to explore this spot, but they are, by far, the ones we most like to wear. The rocks here were slippery and we could feel the cold. We had to be super concentrated to walk without tripping with our shoes or on our dress (although André always helped me with that), but we were excited by the beauty of this place.

From here, we were off to Hallstatt, one of the most beautiful and romantic places we been in to date. We were completely absorbed by that place. A lake with transparent waters where white swans swam, surrounded by mountains covered in snow and with houses with their high and pointy roofs, the smell of hot chocolate that permeates through the streets and the kindness of the locals and shopkeepers here couldn’t fit us any better. The only drawback here was the cold but we also overcame that with the help of our partners in this adventure, Sara and Senad, who made sure to treat us with the most care and love throughout the day. They carried our coats between photos and would run to us to put them on our backs, they made us laugh uncontrollably and even took us out to lunch and eat a delicious traditional Austrian dish, the schnitzel. The day flew by and as night fell, our friends surprised us with an invitation to visit the Bad Gastein Alps the next day dressed as bride and groom to continue our session. We accepted the invitation with happiness and gratitude.

We saw a beautiful couple of two wonderful people believing in a project that is now also theirs, with a strength and will that we couldn’t have expected. They are genuinely good at what they do and their hearts are filled with a rare kindness. Having arrived at Bad Gastein, we took the cable car to the top of the mountain. Here, I put aside my high heels and it was in boots that André and I danced in the snow and walked along a high suspended metal bridge. With each step we took, the skiers who passed by enjoyed stopping by us to say hello, ask us what we were doing there and show us some love. This great adventure ended in smiles and laughter and this is how a great friendship was born. To Sara and Senad, we can only thank you and tell you that we have you in our hearts.

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