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Things to do in Florence – The 7 best sights

André and I were super excited to visit Florence! André had finally recovered from his stomach ...

4 Aug 2013
Things to do in Venice – The 7 best sights

It was very early on a Saturday morning when we headed to the train station to catch our train ...

3 Aug 2013
Things to do in Verona – The 7 best sights

After a hot and busy day in Milan, nothing felt better than to arrive in Verona, take a breathe...

2 Aug 2013
Things to do in Milan – 7 top sights

The first city on our intra-rail through Italy was Milan. We spent just one quick (and very hot...

1 Aug 2013
Things to do in London – The 16 best sights

The first time that Joana and I traveled together was on a school trip to London. We were young...

5 May 2013
Brussels or Bruges: Which is the best destination?

When you think of visiting Belgium, your choice of where to stay usually boils down to two citi...

4 Mar 2012

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