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Honeymoon in Chile

Our Wedding Session in the Atacama Desert was not our choice, it was a challenge proposed us by...

26 Nov 2017
Why you should travel with Travel Insurance: (Mis)adventures in Zanzibar!

Talking about Zanzibar for us is always difficult. At this point, it’s no secret that we had ch...

15 Oct 2017
Honeymoon in Cuba: Behind the Scenes

The day of wearing our adventure suits arrived, finally, again, and we were in Cuba. As always,...

5 Oct 2017
Visit Varadero: The Pride of Cuba

With some 20km of beach, Varadero is Cuba’s proud seaside resort. Breathtaking beaches with a v...

30 Sep 2017
Honeymoon in Cuba

We have decided to go with the paradise of the senses to continue our adventure. It was in Cuba...

24 Sep 2017
The Authentic Cuba: Three City Tour

Varadero was an excellent getaway to relax a bit enjoy the best of Cuba’s white shores, but the...

17 Sep 2017

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