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Car rental or public transport – which is the best option?


There is so much to consider when we are planning our trip. Once you book your flights and hotels, you have to know - how will you explore your new destination?

The truth is that, depending on the type of trip you are going to take, it may be more advantageous to ride public transport or explore at your own pace with a car. Read more below and tell us: on your next adventure are you going to explore by public transport or by car?



- You will visit only one city: If you are going to visit only one city on your trip, it will be more practical to go by public transportation. Buses, trains and metro can (as a rule) take you to the main sights of the cities. And without a car, you do not even have to worry about parking!

- You will visit only major cities: Even if you choose to visit several cities, public transport may be the best option. For example, when we traveled through Italy we wanted to visit Rome, Pisa, Florence, Venice and Verona - and we did the entire train journey! This trip turned out to be a real adventure, but the truth is that if you want to visit the main cities of one (or several) countries that are well connected by a reliable public transport network, this option can be taken into account!


- Roads are not easy to drive: There are many factors that can make it difficult to drive in a foreign country. First, not all countries have a road infrastructure with the conditions we are accustomed to. In some countries, driving is also done on the other side of the road and this can cause confusion! Not to mention the road signs and codes that may be different. Essentially, if you do not feel comfortable driving in a different country and have good public transport options then play it safe!



- You want to travel with your family: If you are traveling with small children or in a large group, renting a car is the best way to avoid confusion in the train stations or bus stops. And for large groups, it may even be better to share the cost of the rental instead of buying multiple tickets for transport.

- You want to explore the interior of the country: If you do not want to stay in the main cities and want to know small villages inside your next destination, the most certain thing is to have to rent a car. Traveling to these places can be more complicated or involve more restricted schedules. In this case, your best option is to rent a car to explore at your own pace.


- Want to visit less touristy places: If your travel style goes through less known places, you will even need to rent a car. There is a reason for there to be less touristy places - they are less affordable! And to get to know them, you'll have to take a map, draw your route and get on the road!

- You do not want to have schedules: One of the biggest freedoms that the car gives us is the freedom of schedules. Traveling by transport is great, but it does force us to follow more restricted schedules. What if you want to spend a little more time enjoying a sunset or enjoying a romantic breakfast? On our honeymoon in the Seychelles, we traveled the island of Praslin with a Fiat Panda and was the best way to discover all the charms of this wonderful island at our pace!

And you, prefer to travel by car or with a rented car?


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