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Asia : United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates are a testament to the power of technology and innovation

The Honeymooners in the desert skyscrapers

I confess that Dubai has never been in our focus for a grooming session. However when we had th...

16 Jun 2019
The best tips to visit the Burj Khalifa

Easily recognized all over the world, the Burj Khalifa is undoubtedly is one of Dubai’s greatest attractions. When we arrived in this city, coming fro...

10 May 2016
What to do in a 24 hours layover in Dubai?

The Dubai airport is one of the main layover hubs in the world. Especially if you’re on your wa...

10 May 2016
One night in Abu Dhabi

We were always curious to know what the United Arab Emirates would be like. Luxury and ostentat...

3 Jul 2015

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