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The Honeymooners in the “Ciudad Condal”

The session in Barcelona took place on a very special weekend. The first time we were in this c...

16 Jun 2019
The Honeymooners in the city of love

Paris will always be a city of our heart. It was here that we traveled for the first time only the two in 2011. We had already gone to other destinati...

16 Jun 2019
The Honeymooners conquer the Iron Throne

From the moment we arrived we felt passionate about Dubrovnik. We rented a car and it was off t...

16 Jun 2019
The Honeymooners are reporters for one day

We were in RTP to talk with Jorge Gabriel. We went once again to the television of the Portugue...

15 Jun 2019
The Honeymooners in the “Terras do Demo”

Where is Moimenta da Beira? Let’s imagine that Portugal is a person, in the heart of that...

11 Jun 2019

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