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Europe : Italy

Italy is for those in love – with life, good food and love

The 10 best Honeymoon destinations in Europe

The honeymoon is one of the most special moments of our lives (after the wedding day, of course...

28 Jul 2019
Top 10 things to do in a honeymoon in Italy

Italy is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic countries in the world. Its breathtaking landscapes, historic cities, picturesque streets, delicio...

9 Mar 2016
How to travel in Italy by train

When we started planning our trip to Italy, a questioned popped up in our heads instantly: whic...

1 Feb 2015
The best tips to visit the Colosseum in Rome

Built near the Roman Forum by Emperor Vespasian in 72 AD, the largest amphitheater every built ...

5 Sep 2014
Things to do in Rome – The 10 best sights

We decided to visit Rome almost two years after our train trip through Italy. We went in Septem...

5 Sep 2014
Tips to visit Rome historical center

People say there are more things to see and visit in Rome than in any other city in the world. ...

4 Sep 2014
The most romantic restaurant in Rome

On our second day in Rome, after having visited the Vatican and having spent all afternoon admi...

1 Sep 2014
How to visit the Vatican

The Vatican is the smallest independent State in the world, founded on the place where Saint Pe...

1 Sep 2014
Things to do in Pisa – The 5 best sights

Pisa was the last stop on our intra-rail through Italy and it was a quick one, but not less mem...

5 Aug 2013
Things to do in Florence – The 7 best sights

André and I were super excited to visit Florence! André had finally recovered from his stomach ...

4 Aug 2013
Things to do in Venice – The 7 best sights

It was very early on a Saturday morning when we headed to the train station to catch our train ...

3 Aug 2013
Things to do in Verona – The 7 best sights

After a hot and busy day in Milan, nothing felt better than to arrive in Verona, take a breathe...

2 Aug 2013
Things to do in Milan – 7 top sights

The first city on our intra-rail through Italy was Milan. We spent just one quick (and very hot...

1 Aug 2013

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