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Europe : Portugal

Portugal is Sea, History and Tradition

The 10 best Honeymoon destinations in Europe

The honeymoon is one of the most special moments of our lives (after the wedding day, of course...

28 Jul 2019
The Honeymooners in the enchanted village of Portugal

Sintra is special for us for many reasons. From kids that we both delighted with the landscapes of the TV series "An adventure in Sintra". The mystiqu...

6 Jan 2019
The Honeymooners on the island where everything is amazing

The Azores are a lost pearl in the Atlantic Ocean! Why start this post like this? Because think...

2 Nov 2018
The Honeymooners make a dream come true on the beach

As a child, I always heard my father say that he would like to have a farm with horses to go on...

14 Sep 2018
The Honeymooners have a “home photoshoot”

Where is Moimenta da Beira? Let's imagine that Portugal is a person, in the heart of that perso...

18 Aug 2018
The Honeymooners are reporters for one day

We were in RTP to talk with Jorge Gabriel. We went once again to the television of the Portugue...

16 Aug 2018
The Honeymooners in Portugal’s most colorful city

Although we had already invaded ourselves in photos and it was our wish to discover it, we had ...

17 Jul 2018
The 20 most “Instagrammable” spots in Lisbon

We got lost again in Lisbon and we shared in our Instagram some pictures (Instagram @honeymoone...

2 Jul 2018
The Honeymooners in the city where Portugal was born

After some countries visited with our adventure suits, we decided to do something that we had l...

16 Jun 2018
13 top instagram and photography spots in Porto

The city of Porto appeared several years ago in our top destination of choice. In 2017 the Cida...

13 Jan 2018
Visit Piódão – The “Nativity Village”

Serra do Açor has, in every corner, a majestic and pure air. The hillsides seem to be hand-desi...

19 Aug 2017
The most romantic spots in the Buçaco forest

Buçaco Forest was a place that always accompanied us from the beginning. In our university days...

5 Aug 2017

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