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Here are the adventures we lived in each country. Explore them and discover our travel tips, we think it's worth it!


The vast continent where animals roam free, Africa is like nowhere else on the planet. Boasting an incredibly diverse wildlife, untouched savannahs and rich cultures, Africa is the place to experience the best that Mother nature has to offer. From wild safaris in Kenya and South Africa to the pristine beaches of Zanzibar and Cabo Verde, and the ancient traditions of Arab cultures in Egypt and Morocco, Africa will surprise you at every turn.



The largest continent in the world, Asia is home to some of the world’s oldest and largest empires. But it’s also a bustling place filled with exciting opportunities to immerse yourself in a completely different and ever-changing culture: indulge yourself in spicy street food, shop the latest fashions for cheap, and explore some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. The land of deeply religious temples, untouched white sandy beaches and bustling cosmopolitan cities – Asia is the continent where opposites attract.


India (3)

Israel (2)

Japan (1)

Jordan (1)


The Old Continent, as it’s also known, Europe is a fascinating voyage through history. Its diverse landscape is dotted with fairytale castles, ancient ruins and remote towns that have kept the secrets of this historic land for centuries. Art enthusiasts have a wealth of museums and galleries to indulge in; lovers of the outdoors can lose themselves in some of the world’s highest peaks and deepest valleys; and history buffs can choose from a diverse collection of ancient cities and towns to explore.


Austria (4)

Belgium (3)

Croatia (2)

Czech Republic (1)

France (6)

Germany (1)

Greece (8)

Hungary (2)

Italy (13)

Malta (1)

Netherlands (2)

Portugal (12)

Spain (3)

Switzerland (2)

United Kingdom (1)

Vatican (1)

North America

A land of vast wild landscapes and some of the world’s most bustling cities make up the continent of contrasts that is North America. From the snow-capped Canadian Rockies to the sunny beaches of the Riviera Maya, North America is more than meets the eye. Incredible cosmopolitan cities, like New York, Chicago and Toronto, sparkle in our imagination. Untouched natural wonders, like Niagara Falls and Isla Contoy, go beyond our wildest dreams. And a rich and diverse culture shapes the fascinating continent that is North America today.


Canada (2)

Cuba (4)

Mexico (4)

United States (2)


Australia, New Zealand and those dreamy South Pacific Islands make up what we geographically call Oceania. This is where you can explore hyper colored coral gardens, relax under the shade of the most picture-perfect palm trees and admire glorious sunsets on dramatic cliffs or the balmy waters of the south seas. Traveling here is an escape


South America

The power of nature seeps through the continent of South America. It’s here, among vast forests, wild peaks and untamed rivers, that some of the world’s oldest civilizations thrived. Today, all that remains are intriguing ruins in a stunning natural setting that never ceases to surprise you. Hike the massive Andean peaks, admire the Patagonian glaciers, or find yourself in the midst of the Amazonian rainforest: South America is an adventure waiting to happen.


Bolivia (2)

Chile (1)

Peru (1)


In this untouched corner of the world, Mother Nature is queen. Nowhere else on the planet will you be able to find the incredible peace and grandeur that you’ll witness here. Across the icy landscape, wild animals roam free and it’s the force of nature that rules everything. Antarctica is for the adventurers, the explorers, the unafraid of the untamed wilderness.


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