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Hotel Palacio de Sal: A wonderful experience in the Salar de Uyuni


The Salar de Uyuni is the largest and highest salt desert in the world. Located in southwestern Bolivia, this extensive plain land is the only bright spot that can be seen from space, it even served as a guide point for Apollo 11's astronauts.


The whole place is, indeed, impressive. The plains are of lost sight of, the clear blue sky dazzles the vision, the islands of centennial cactus, the lagoons with pink flamingos and its inactive volcano. Everything is breathtaking.

Nature is impressive in this place, and it was also here that we found the equally impressive Hotel Palacio de Sal. Have you ever imagined being in a hotel where walls, beds, and ceilings are made of salt? It is in here, in this luxurious, warm and original place.


Situated about 15 minutes by jeep from Ojos del Salar, the hotel looks like a spaceship in an aerial view. By the end of the day, when we reached this incredible place, it was already very cold outside, and upon entering we soon felt the warmth of a large torch lit very close to the reception. Our experience began in a room with hot drinks at the entrance, and a more attentive staff than anywhere else.


This hotel is, without a doubt, an attraction in the middle of the Salar's vastness. Divided into "4 wings", each one has the representation and is themed on a different area of the Salar that we had seen in the throughout the day. The white plains, the train cemetery, the lagoons and the Dakar symbol are all represented, with an odd elegance and subtlety.


In the large corridors that lead us to the several spaces, there are small rooms with attractive armchairs and fireplaces for guests to enjoy, in this charming place.


The brightness of the salt crystals is everywhere because everything is made of salt. However, it’s in the rooms that the biggest surprise happens, when we saw the ceiling of the igloo room with compact cubes of salt, separating us from the starry sky that the night brings. There are several types of rooms, all of them fascinating. With large glass facades and each one with a breathtaking view of the desert. We almost feel like to stay every night in a different room, so we could see the sunrise from that white plain in every way, in every perspective.


After a delicious breakfast in a sunny room, we were able to enjoy another offer from the hotel: cycling through the salt plain. Without ever losing sight of the hotel, with fear of being difficult to return, we wander together in the morning. It’s so liberating to ride in this place, believe me.


Truth to be told, we had an unforgettable experience. We think that all those who want to enjoy the salt desert in its fullness and in a space totally in balance with the surrounding nature, the Palacio de Sal is the right option. Besides being comfortable and original, this place is wonderful. It is impossible not to want to know.


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