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How we celebrated our engagement in the Maldives


For a long time, we wanted to have our honeymoon in the Maldives. We ended up visiting to celebrate our engagement, which happened a month before this idyllic trip, and we don’t regret it!

Arriving in the Maldives from Portugal is a long journey. But when we arrived in Malé and were enveloped in that tropical climate and embraced by the island’s crystal blue waters we were in awe.The resort we had chosen to stay at involved one last flight on a small plane.


This quick journey, which took some 20 minutes, offered us an incredible view – we can almost consider this aerial view of the atolls as the first tourist attraction on our trip that was only just beginning!


The different shades of blue that became increasingly more turquoise until they ended in white… It’s indescribable.

When we landed after this unforgettable experience, we had a speedboat waiting to take us to our final destination. It was the first time we were touching those waters and the further we headed into the sea, the less we could hear. We were both so impressed with everything that surrounded us. At one point we turned to each other and said: Paradise exists. Our excitement grew quickly – we just wanted to arrive! Step onto the white sand, dive in those crystal clear waters that we could only imagine were so warm.


Everything exceeded our expectations. We ended up staying at the best beach that we had ever seen and we soon realized that the entire island had so much for us to discover.


The feeling of being on that private beach was so unique and perfect for us to celebrate our engagement. The sun was shining and all we wanted to do was to relax and unwind. Everything about the Maldives is romantic and we wanted to take advantage of it to the max.


Every day, we woke up to the sound of the sea and the birds. We would open our windows and feel an incredible peace in a place that seemed to be in perfect balance. During the day, we would dive and enjoy the company of baby sharks whose scales shone under that blue sky.


At night, we would feed manta rays and sharks around different spots in the island: this place is so in synch that even the animals know at what time they need to be there to be fed.


Watching multicolored fish swimming by was something we were able to see and enjoy every day. Everything was there, some 5 meters from our room. Everything was so perfect, we couldn’t believe it.


Besides everything that was so close to us, we were also so close to having a unique experience. We were in the best place to observe the greatest sea creature: the whale shark. We couldn’t pass up this opportunity! So, on one of our mornings in paradise, we headed into the Indian Ocean and dove with this incredible creature.

Our days in the Maldives were wonderful: we made a dream come true that we had only imagined or seen in movies and magazines.


It would have been an excellent option for our honeymoon, but it was even more perfect to celebrate our engagement.


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