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Our first day in Santorini


It was on a sunny afternoon that we arrived in Santorini. Landed from Rome, we already had our car rental service waiting for us. Our Fiat Panda would show us the most stunning landscapes and would allow us to explore one of the most enchanting places we had yet to visit!

And so, off we were! With our GPS on, we headed to the Moonlight Appartments (the place where we stayed in Santorini). As our GPS showed us the right way (and we weren’t far because the island isn’t that big), we kept repeating the words stunning, amazing, beautiful and spectacular in our conversations. And Santorini is all that and much more.


The photos speak for themselves, but to experience Santorini is simply unforgettable. As we drove along the roads, we kept on being surprised with breathtakingly beautiful views. The Aegean Sea was a perfect scene, immaculate, with no flaws, as if it was painted by the most ingenious artist. The entire time we felt like we were walking inside a painting. We passed by some typically Greek houses and didn’t even feel like we were in Europe anymore.

Once we got to the hotel with the sun already hidden away, we were surprised by the owner of our place: a really nice man who was already waiting for us. He told us he would bring us breakfast every morning and made himself available if we had any questions. He recommended us some restaurants and even handed us a map of the island so we could organize our trip in the most convenient way.


After our nice chat, and since it was already getting late, we headed to our first dinner in Santorini. We drove to the restaurant and I’ll admit I wanted us to take a long time to find it. Yes, because André already knew where we were going (TripAdvisor is always our go-to!) and the truth is no one really gets lost in Santorini (we really only used the GPS that one time from the airport to our apartment). On the one hand, it seemed like we were completely outside of Europe. On the other, we felt like we were at the best restaurant in Paris. The food was delicious. Eating in Santorini was always a great experience and, even three years later, we still remember the taste of the feta cheese and the olives in those typical Greek salads. And André’s mouth still waters at the thought of Pork Souvlaki. This was definitely one of the few destinations where, even for me (a picky eater), it was always easy to find something delicious!


Santorini is affectionately called the “island of love” and it definitely doesn’t disappoint! The excitement and joy we felt in all the people we came across (not just tourists but locals too) was contagious. It makes the whole place feel happy and peaceful. There is no rush here. Time stops in Santorini.

Visiting Santorini is definitely a wonderful experience. We just wish we could go back!

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