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Seychelles: The 1st destination of our honeymoon


The weeks running up to a wedding are hectic and while the wedding day itself flies by, it overwhelmed us with emotion and surprises. As always, on our wedding day we celebrated together, sharing the same emotions and living through all the smiles and tears of joy. However, the intensity of the day didn’t allow us to fully perceive everything that happened and it was only on our honeymoon that we were able to revisit our day and share each detail (sometimes of things the other one didn’t know had happened!).

Our honeymoon was a time for us to look back on our day and look ahead to the new adventure that was just beginning in our lives. Today, when we think of the Seychelles, that wonderful country where we spent the first half of our honeymoon (from here we headed to South Africa), the most electric colors and wonderful memories come to mind. When we decided to visit the 3 main islands (Mahé, La Digue and Praslin), we were not only looking for idyllic beaches but also extraordinary landscapes we had only seen in books until them. Now, we wanted to live them.


In La Digue, the sunlight reflected on the thin white sand, the turquoise water and green forests made our tropical dreams come true. We took one of the most beautiful bike rides that took us through the island to welcoming towns, we fed centuries-old tortoises and enjoyed romantic and delicious 'sea lunches' in the world's most idyllic beach, Anse Source d'Argent. La Digue is enchanting, a place of unparalleled beauty and filled with an endless sense of peace and tranquility. We were in the ideal place for a romantic getaway.


In Praslin, besides the wonderful beach that we also enjoyed, we took a trip though Vallée de Mai, the place where many say the original Garden of Eden was. It was here that we saw the Coco de Mer, the largest seed in the world in the shade of human thighs that only exists in Seychelles, exotic bird species like the black parrot, and reptiles with fluorescent-colored skin. Under the shade of those tall centuries-old trees, this untouched paradise was the perfect adventure.


The Seychelles are perfect for island hopping so the following days we headed on a private boat to Felicite island and Coco island to go snorkeling. We had already snorkeled before in Mexico and the Maldives but it was wonderful to be back swimming in clear turquoise warm waters. Of course, what we saw underwater was always different in these different places. Here, we were able to see some corals and exotic colorful fish. Together (as always) we were excited to explore the best that nature had to offer.


Being in the Seychelles was so wonderful for us. Our first trip as husband and wife, we were blessed with sunny days and unique opportunities. We were able to reflect on everything and replenish our energies. Today, we just can’t wait to be back in such a special and beautifully exotic place again.


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