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The Best Beaches in Santorini


The island of Santorini is very popular for its romantic atmosphere, fabulous landscapes and delicious food. But it’s in the summer that thousands of tourists seek to combine these attractions with the opportunity to enjoy the excellent beaches on the most romantic island in the world.

Here, the beaches are volcanic, some with dark sand and others with large round rocks – very different from the traditional white sandy beaches. The temperature of the crystal clear Aegean Sea is really nice (around 25ºC in the summer) and if, on the one hand, there are some very well organized beaches with bars, restaurants and sunbeds (such as Perissa), you’ll also find some more exotic beaches here (such as Red Beach).

Below, check out our selection of the best beaches on this stunning island:



When you start planning your trip to Santorini, you’ll most likely come across the same problem as us: Perissa vs Kamari, which beach should you choose? We visited both and we prefer Perissa. We would even go as far to say this is Santorini’s best beach! Infrastructure-wise, this beach is unbeatable with bars, restaurants and shops nearby. (Apollon restaurant specifically is definitely a fantastic place for meals and cocktails.) The beach offers such a relaxing atmosphere that even today we still miss the afternoons we spent here. The sand here is black (and surprisingly thin) and it’s pretty vast, always clean and with the Aegean Sea water bathing it at a pleasant temperature.




Kamari Beach is Perissa’s biggest competition. The beach also offers great infrastructure (with a bit more of an exclusive atmosphere) and its hotels are much better than Perissa’s. Still, we think this beach loses some point for its stony sand which makes it a bit uncomfortable, especially for families with young children. Both beaches offer sunbed rentals and have lifeguards.




Red Beach is maybe one of Santorini’s most famous and beautiful beaches, which makes it a must to visit this exotic spot! This is basically a volcanic beach, where the entire landscape is painted in a superb red – we had never seen anything like it. But, while it’s an unmissable view, as a beach Red Beach is very limited as its small and frequently crowded. There are also no restaurants. But the beach is worth it for its view and exotic value. There’s a parking lot a bit before the beach entrance which means it’s definitely accessible.




If you’re traveling as a family, you don’t have to look any further than Monolithos Beach. This is the best beach if you’re traveling with young children. It’s where the sand is best (so thin!) which allows kids to indulge in normal beach activities like building sand castles – and, there’s even a designated playground nearby.



As the name indicates, Amoudi Bay is a small bay located in Santorini’s fishermen’s harbor, at the end of Oia. It’s an alternative spot in Santorini, most famous for the view at sunset and over the caldera and for its traditional Greek donkeys which help tourists climb up the hill to get to Oia. Even though it’s not a beach per se, it is a peaceful bay for a quick dive. And this is the island’s best spot for cliff jumping!

Have you been to Santorini? What was your favorite beach?

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