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The best honeymoon destinations in Asia


Asia is not only the largest continent in the world: it is also the most romantic! With paradisiacal beaches, deserted islands, verdant forests and simply magical cities, any couple can find their destination for a perfect honeymoon in Asia. If you don't know where to start, be inspired by our suggestions below!



Thinking of Bali soon brings us exotic images of deserted beaches and towering volcanoes. And the truth is that this island in Indonesia has everything to make your honeymoon dreams in Asia a reality: lovely temples to discover, white sandy beaches to relax, warm, transparent waters to explore, and a whole fascinating culture to explore. to know.




There's a good reason why the Maldives remains one of the most classic honeymoon destinations: these islands are truly stunning! The Maldives is the ideal destination for a relaxing honeymoon spent in an exclusive getaway surrounded by the best nature and luxury have to offer. We were here to celebrate our engagement! You can read our tips on what to do in the Maldives here and how to make a low-cost honeymoon in this paradise here.




Thailand's tropical islands are simply breathtaking and have one major advantage: they are among the most accessible on the Asian continent! Not only because they have better infrastructure that makes your trip a lot smoother but also because they have more luxurious offers at lower prices. Koh Samui Island turns out to be the honeymoon destination of choice in Thailand, but there is so much to discover in Thailand and there is something for everyone! Still not convinced? Get inspired by our wedding session in Thailand.




Sri Lanka is a small island that is really huge in its diversity and offers couples visiting it on their honeymoon: paradise beaches for walking at sunset, animal reserves for interacting closely with wildlife, and even a UNESCO protected temple as a World Heritage Site in Kandy! Here, they will always have an adventure to unravel together.




For couples looking to experience a tropical romance, there is no honeymoon destination more special than the Philippines. With over 7,000 islands, a honeymoon in the Philippines is white sand, the sound of lightly shaking palm trees and a sea of crystal clear water. Recharge your energies on the beaches of Boracay Island, be dazzled by the natural beauty of Palawan Island or have an adventure in Puerto Princesa Underground Park!




For those looking for a honeymoon in varied Asia, why not take a trip around Malaysia? Indulge in the luxuries of the city in Kuala Lumpur, have the unique experience of watching wild orangutans in Borneo, and end your honeymoon in Malaysia on the tropical beaches of Langkawi Island.




Dubai is the ideal destination for a honeymoon full of the best luxuries that modern technology and innovation can offer us. We have already shown you what you can do in Dubai in 24 hours, but on a honeymoon you have much more to enjoy! This city is a magical combination of luxury, adventure, romance and more. Take a helicopter tour of Dubai, relax in one of the city's magnificent spas and don't forget to take a desert tour or climb Burj al-Khalifa!




We couldn't help but recommend you the place where we started our adventure (you knew we were the first couple engaged in a photo shoot at the Taj Mahal, see everything here)! It had always been a dream of ours to go to India and this turned out to be one of our most special trips. India is a truly passionate country. From the monument of love to the wonders of the golden triangle, a honeymoon in India promises to be an intense experience!




There is no doubt that Japan is one of the most unique countries in the world. So far from Europe and yet so close to our imagination, the truth is that there are things that only happen even in Japan. And so, for couples who want to avoid the honeymoon cliché on the beach, Japan It's a great alternative: revisit your childhood while being dazzled by the historical culture of this truly special country!




Is there anything more romantic than watching the sun rise aboard a hot air balloon with our better half? We think not! In Cappadocia, a rocky region in the interior of Turkey, you can have this amazing experience and then tell us what you think! After this adventure, explore the caves that spread across the horizon and end your honeymoon wrapped in the amazing history and culture of Istanbul.


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