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The best tips for visiting the Louvre Museum


The largest and most visited museum in the world, the Louvre is one of your mandatory stops in Paris. The iconic glass pyramid is one of the city’s most photographed landmarks and its 35,000 works of art are an excellent excuse to get lost in its endless corridors.

Our visit to the Louvre started on the Alexandre III bridge. After a few photos (honestly, it’s like the Eiffel Tower looks beautiful from any angle!), we crossed the River Seine to get to Jardin des Tuileries where we were able to get our first glimpse of the Louvre’s glass pyramid.

We took photos of every possible angle – we were just in awe of this structure. And if we already thought the museum was beautiful on the outside, we could only imagine what it would be like inside!

I’ll admit that Joana and I are not the biggest art lovers. But we know how to recognize its value! And the Louvre, being the most visited museum with some truly iconic pieces in its collection, was a mandatory stop on our first trip to Paris. From the Marly Horses to the extensive collection of Egyptian artifacts to the Mona Lisa, there is so much to see in the different rooms at the Louvre.


Even though it’s absolutely worth it to visit the Louvre, the experience can be quite chaotic and exhausting. We leave you our best tips to make the most of what the museum has to offer:



The Louvre is open until 10pm on Wednesdays and Fridays. So, if you want to avoid the crowds, why not spend a night at the museum? After 6pm, school groups and tours are gone and the number of visitors decreases substantially.



In the midst of so many people and hallways, it’s essential you prepare yourselves ahead of time to make the most of your time at the Louvre! Wear layers (so you can easily adapt to the different room temperatures) and comfortable shoes and bring some water – and even some snacks if you like ;) As soon as you walk in, take a few minutes with a map to plan out your visit.



Seeing as the Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, it will be almost impossible to be alone in any of its exhibition rooms. And the rooms with the most well-known exhibitions will be absolutely packed! So “attack” these first while you have the energy and then continue on with your visit feeling much more relaxed.



Did you know that there is another way to enter the Louvre besides through the glass pyramid on the main patio? Entering through here is fine – if there isn’t a line! But if you see many people waiting to get in, head down to the underground shopping mall Carrousel du Louvre where you will find an alternative entrance by the inverted pyramid, near the Apple store.



This won’t be necessary if you’re huge art connoisseurs or if you can easily understand the French descriptions written near each display. But if you’d like to get to know the Louvre in your native language, getting an audio guide during your visit is the simplest way to do it!


The Louvre Museum is open Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 9am and 6pm and Wednesday and Friday until 9:45pm. Tickets cost €15 per adult and are free for EU residents aged 18-25 and all visitors on the first Sunday of every month between October and March. For more information, visit the Louvre Museum’s official website.

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