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The Honeymooners and the Last Crusade

Petra, Jordan 28/04/2018

As always, in every session, we were the first to arrive at the chosen place. They were still turning on the automatic ticket machines since we were in the room dressed for another adventure, this time in Petra, Jordan. The morning tourists soon toasted us with the usual smiles and we saw again the air of surprise and charm in that half dozen people who wanted to be the first to enter.


The first visit to the pink city had taken place the day before. The experience of the first four sessions taught us that knowing the place where we are going to photograph allows us to improve the quality of work, less physical exhaustion and also minimize the time of the sessions. It would not be long before the enclosure, which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, was flooded with tourists, and Andre's feet quickly gave a signal.


This sunny morning we visit this city "as old as time" and which according to UNESCO is one of the greatest cultural legacies of man, dressed as bride and groom. The sensation is as always inexplicable. This time we felt in the movie the "Last Crusade" of Indiana Jones. The whole path between red and high rocks that seems to touch the blue sky, along a narrow and somber path and accompanied by the columns, tombs and churches carved in these same rocks make us go back in time and sigh of charm at every step .


Honestly we had already defined the places where we wanted to photograph but the desire to stop every ten steps was enormous. Because the whole place is charming. At that hour we could only hear the trot of horses and donkeys that would take their usual positions to walk the laziest tourists for several kilometers. We also heard the birds, the shots of Ben's machine and the toc toc of the shoes of André. But only his, because on that terrain I did not even take the chance to walk with mine, I took them in a sack and I played tennis the majority of the course and put on my shoes when I arrived at the places we decided to photograph. Women in these things are much more practical. Notice that at the end of four sessions André did not remember this trick. Result, at the end of the session already had his toes completely sore and we would still make the session and Jerusalem a few days later.


We love the scenery. It was for me, of the most beautiful ones where we have already photographed. When we reached the main attraction and this was revealed little by little, we came across that sculpture in the rocks that leaves no one indifferent. It is impossible not to widen your eyes and become jinxed. On this day, that place was decorated by three camels that seemed to have been placed there to embellish the scenery for the photos and that they remained in pose during those moments. Lovely!


Our complicity and honesty in what we do facilitate the work. Laughing at laughter is our favorite pastime and so it's not hard to pick up honest smiles. The light was fantastic and gave the photos an even more idyllic tone.


Already on the return to the point of entry, we made the course against the current. Hundreds of tourists were coming down and we were already up and fulfilled with the feeling of mission accomplished. But this feeling of satisfaction and pride only grew. Between applause, greetings, smiles, wishes of congratulations and congratulations, the emotion increased and the heart fluttered with joy.


Even the owner of one of the horses offered us transportation to the top for free because he said, everyone was talking about the newlyweds who were walking in Petra and he wished he could say that they had walked on his horse. We laughed a lot with this keen sensibility for the business that the Arab people really have.


Honestly, every time I wear my dress and Andre his suit we feel a greater responsibility than the previous time and a huge anxiety. But every time we pack them up, it's up to you that next time come quick. Because in every way we have received "from that which increases the heart" in such a large dose that we can only say, Thank you!


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