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The Honeymooners conquer the Iron Throne

Dubrovnik, Croatia 22/05/2018

From the moment we arrived we felt passionate about Dubrovnik. We rented a car and it was off the road connecting the airport to the heart of the city that we had the first picture of this place. From the top of the slope we saw the crystalline waters of the Adriatic sea flanked by little houses all with orange roofs and the beautiful walls that surround them. A scenario that left us speechless.


We chose Dubrovnik for the list of destinations that we wanted to photograph in our dresses, that is, with our wedding dresses, because we already had a sense of its beauty and charm, but honestly, we did not imagine that it was such a right choice. Besides the beauty that the city has, it still adds to your list of interests the fact that our favorite series, Game of Thrones, has been recorded here. That is, we were in a doubly exciting scenario to start another adventure.


We took the pleasure of photographing ourselves and then, given the experience that we have already added, we went to "recognize the terrain" the previous day and to know a little more and better the history and the nooks of this city. We were accompanied by the guide Natascha (Dubrovnik in Portuguese), a follower who made us want to introduce the city, tell its history and uncover some places that only a true Croatian knows. Maybe it was the first time we felt that the Honeymooners family was really great, for so far someone was there to welcome us in such a loving way. The truth is that it seemed we had known each other for a very long time. We spent very fun times, we realized the best way to get anywhere in the city, we realized the culture and history of that people. Natascha still raised the tip of the veil for the next seasons of Game of Thrones and we could not be better prepared for the next day's session.


Another thing we learned is that the city is small for so many tourists that it receives, the huge cruises that dock there every morning are the main responsible for flooding those picturesque streets of people. For this reason, it marked the clock 6:32 am when we parked the car "at the city gate". This time we were afraid that the weather was not in our favor because the gray painted the sky that morning. But we really think that except on the day of our marriage we will never have photos in the rain. Of course we also had hundreds of people on the other side to cheer so that everything runs better than ever. When many want well, it is the good that happens.


There we went. We descended full of energy some of the hundreds of stairs that Dubrovnik has, we stopped in several places that we had not previously thought, to photograph from all perspectives that beautiful place. But we also went to the most emblematic places and obligatory stop of the city and our favorite series.


The city was on us. We feel the essence of people. We breathed the smell of the bread that was still being cooked, we saw the city being washed (with drinking water as Natascha had told us), being swept and cleaned as someone arranges their home to receive the most illustrious guests. We were directed to the non-tourist spots (which we now know), by the owners of the restaurants and cafes who were still manually transporting the loads of food and drinks for that day (or were not allowed to drive around the city).


We saw the city as a tourist habitually does not see. The fountain was just for us, the "walk of shame" staircase, too.


We went to the refuge of the Croatian tourists. A coffee born on the rocks, on the Adriatic Sea which is accessed following the indication contrary to the plates (according to Natasha so placed purposely, so that it is only theirs). Walking with the dress is now easy (I changed the heels through the shoes of course), and André's shoes are now as comfortable as some sneakers (even because they are torn sideways and the foot is no longer compressed). To photograph ourselves is so natural that it seems that we were born to know how to control the setbacks.


The truth is, there was a place where we had to go. The island of Lokrum. It is UNESCO World Heritage, and as they call it there: it is the garden of the city. Besides that is the one that is the iron throne, the biggest emblem of the series that we like so much. It was about eight in the morning and we were waiting for the boat that would take us to this place, but this one would only leave at 9am.


We were pleasantly invited to rest on the terrace of a cafe that had not yet opened and we could not even use something to eat. However we are lucky with those who meet us and the owner's grandmother, (a lady who did not know how to speak English), we do not know if it was grandmother's instinct or our air more tired, only quiet when he offered us a natural juice for that we should settle down. Gestures that mark us by their kindness and simplicity.


The nine o'clock comes and we can finally meet Lokrum, on a trip where I did not pay a ticket, because according to the captain of the boat the brides in Dubrovnik do not pay anything, and there we were little more than 10 people to the island.


It leaves no chance of what they say about themselves. Arranged, beautiful, with magnificent views, Lokrum offers tourists the possibility of more tranquil dives and a rich fauna and flora. We do not think she should be too busy, given her stillness, but it will certainly be in the future.


As for us, we did not go to the beach, because the dress did not allow, but we conquered without difficulty the Iron Throne (the original used in the series is located on the Island of Lokrum).


The session ended with us as always happy but this time to eat fasting the first ice cream of the year and with the sense of mission fulfilled.


Getting to the car was difficult, the energy from was not the same as on the climb and so many stairs after hours of stammering allowed us to drain water. But when we reached the top both in unison we released a: aaaahhhh. I do not know whether from the relief of the ascent we ended or the happiness of what we had done once more. I confess that maybe it was a little bit of both.


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