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The Honeymooners dance in the snow

Bad Gastein Alps, Austria 4/12/2016

Our day in Hallstatt was very emotional and we got to the end incredibly happy with all the moments we were able to experience. But there was still one exciting location left: the Alps.


We drove to Bad Gastein Alps and there, dressed in our wedding gown and suit, we took a cable car to the highest peak of the mountain. It was -7ºC that morning but, at the top of that mountain, with my white dress blending with the snow and the blue sky above us, we didn’t even feel cold.


We danced to “Once Upon a Dream” again, the same song we danced to at our wedding. But dancing it again in this landscape was unexpected and indescribable. When the song started playing on Sarah’s phone it was like time had turned back and it was just us two again.


We walked across the suspended steel bridge that connects the two peaks and, far from the ground but close to the sky, we ran to each other and smiled, wishing this day would never end.


We are so grateful for the photos that make these moments last forever, and even more grateful for having experienced these moments in the first place. Senad and Sarah are now a part of this adventure and a part of some of our best memories. As André and I add more unforgettable memories to our story, our excitement to keep going only grows.


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