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The Honeymooners in Portugal’s most colorful city

Águeda, Portugal 17/07/2018

Although we had already invaded ourselves in photos and it was our wish to discover it, we had never been to Águeda. It happened in the summer of 2018.


During all the season the city fills of people, of festivals and of a few years to this part that are the umbrella hats that adorn the city and it turns it a photographer´s paradise.


We're not going anywhere any more without our adventure suits and of course we took them. The apogee of the visit happens in Rua Luís de Camões. This is a pedestrian street, in Portuguese sidewalk. In addition to the antique lamps that adorn it, it is the colors of the yellow, blue, pink rain hats that decorate it and provide a great pleasantness when walking there.


With our wedding garments the pictures could only be fantastic. The light becomes different and the people that have crossed us were of an affection without measure.


After a more "radical" photo there, we had to go ask for help. When jumping from a bank allusive to one of the city's festivals, the "AgitÁgueda", Andre's pants were broken and we needed to continue.


It was there that in the pharmacy Alla, a centenarian pharmacy, someone with skills for the sewing gave a "dots" in André's pants and there we went through the city.


Besides the street of the "umbrellas" there is also the street "of the balloons" that the reflection of the sun projects on the ground, there are many more and there is above all very affectionate to receive all those that pass there.


We promise to return, always.

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