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The Honeymooners in the city of love

Paris, France 23/07/2018

Paris will always be a city of our heart. It was here that we traveled for the first time only the two in 2011. We had already gone to other destinations (but with the school) and here we were both by ourselves. Where and what we would eat, how we would move, what we would see ... Everything was managed by us for the first time. It was also this same "city of love" that a few months after this visit, received André as a resident for a year that has changed us a lot. The distance that brought us closer, which made us grow and united us.


Of course in spite of the cliché that everyone speaks, well we know that we are far from being the first or the only ones, we would also have to photograph here dressed as bride and groom. After so many steps we had gone through, such a great connection to this city we could never leave it out.


It was July and we decided, it is now. There we went! We never felt this trip as a trip abroad, nor did the return sound more than one already. We know the songs, we know the movements of people, of traffic. For us this session was really natural and fluid.


It was just after 5:30 in the morning when we left the hotel on the outskirts of the city to go to the Eiffel Tower. We knew that there would be no traffic at that time and that we would reach the light of the sunrise that is beautiful in that place.


Nothing has failed. We photographed the Eiffel Tower without any confusion, watching the sun rise and the birds singing, from there we went to one of the sites that, for me, provided the most beautiful pictures ever, the Bir-Hakeim Bridge, with the Parisian lamps, the Eiffel Tower in the background and that light that did not even seem real.


We could not leave aside the Arc de Triomphe, where it was the policemen who kept the car (badly parked) to get this photo that we love.


Also the imposing Sacré Coeur in Montmartre, the historic Notre Dame (we could hardly imagine what would happen to him in 2019, the colorful Rue Cremieux and the stunning Alexandre III bridge.


Something that we only reveal here to those who follow us on the blog, we try to go to Disney dressed as grooms, since the first time we went together there marked us a lot and we came here with huge dreams, but we were barred at the entrance because the rules did not allow us and we enjoyed that day just like any other two children walking there.


Paris was again perfect! This city has marked our lives immensely and for us it goes far beyond the cliché beauty that point you. It's part of the way, our way.


They were steps, they are dreams. It's light, it's Paris!


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