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The Honeymooners in the Ciudad Condal

Barcelona, Spain 2/12/2018

The session in Barcelona took place on a very special weekend. The first time we were in this city we loved it was in the summer of 2013. We returned in early December 2018 with two people following us almost from the beginning of this project (Filipa and Diana) and in a giveaway we made in our Instagram page won the prize to travel with us to Barcelona (with flights and stay included)!


We took most of the time to walk around, show them the city and our session had a very limited time to take place. It was on sunday, 12/12/2018, just after 5:30 in the morning when we left the hotel. It was literally a marathon! We wanted to go everywhere and we did not have much time, so we rushed through most of the distances and only when we wanted to completely change the point of the city did we turn to the taxis.


We photograph the incredible sunrise on Barceloneta beach, run through the Gothic quarter through Carrer del Bisbe to the imposing Cathedral of Barcelona, dazzle us with the Palau de la Musica Cartalana show center, pass through the Arc de Triomf of Catalonia and after the Parc de la Ciutadella we find the ex-libris of Gaudí: the grandiose unfinished basilica of the Sagrada Familia and the photogenic Casa Batló!


Even as I wrote the text, I remembered the hustle and bustle. But we did! Our traveling companions came to meet us well into the middle of the morning and still accompanied us to the Carmel Bunkers!


Here we were not on the first visit we made to the city, but the view of this place is EXTRAORDINARY, we highly recommend it! It was even them (Filipa and Diana) who photographed us in this place at times and it was undoubtedly a completely different experience than we had ever experienced before!


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