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The Honeymooners in the desert skyscrapers

Dubai, UAE 17/05/2018

I confess that Dubai has never been in our focus for a grooming session. However when we had the chance of traveling there we did not hesitate to take our adventure outfits.


Because we enjoy sessions in different contexts, we have selected the Dubai desert to make the photos we liked best. I must tell you that shooting in the cold and rain that was on the day we married is not the best feeling in the world, but under a scorching heat of 40 degrees Celsius it would not be a choice either.


One more challenge. It would have to be soon at sunrise or at sunset, this time not to run away from people but rather to heat.


We decided to take photos in the arid desert surroundings, but in the hotel we were in, given that all of its Arabic structure and typical decoration would fit them perfectly.


That's what we call a surgical session! To enjoy the ideal light and temperature.


Here we sweat both immensely, especially André in his races between the place of the tripod and mine. It was the first experience in this context, but we still want to take the dress and the suit to the desert pure and hard. To the Sahara Desert. Ever wondered?


As it had been a short and surgical session and we had only desert references, we decided to enjoy our stay at the hotel where we stayed in the center of the city (at the Four Seasons Dubai), where from the rooftop views and beyond, we were able to capture the skyscrapers and all the modernity of this city.


At the end of the afternoon we did it! The colors of the late afternoon there are of enormous beauty.


We think that by joining the two sessions we have the exact notion of what Dubai is, a modern, megalomaniac, eccentric city that was born literally in the middle of the desert.


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