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The Honeymooners in the fairytale village

Hallstatt, Austria 3/12/2016

Europe in December always means cold weather but, funny enough, in December of 2016 it was the Austrian Alps and Hallstatt that warmed our hearts. After our first post-wedding photo shoot in India, we wanted to continue to avoid doing the obvious and keep our adventure going in a new context that was both challenging and enchanting.


Austria came about in our plans a bit by chance and of course it turned out to be a great experience. After we missed our flight to Tanzania, and since we still wanted to enjoy our vacation days, we decided to travel in Europe with our “adventure suits”. During one of our photographer searches online we discovered Senad and Sarah and their wonderful photos. During our first meeting with the photographers, who are now great friends of ours, the enthusiasm in their voices dissipated any fear we may have had. We explained what we wanted to do and right away they told us which would be the most fascinating landscapes to shoot in.


We loved their ideas and so off we went. When we arrived, everything about this beautiful country fascinated us. But we know there is no better way to get to know a place then with a local.


On the day when we were supposed to put on our wedding gown and suit again, the winter sun helped to fool us in the below-freezing weather. We left for Gollinger and reached a waterfall hidden in a green forest of incredibly tall trees. I remember thinking on that day that I had never thought I would be dragging my dress across an Austrian waterfall in plain December. This made me smile and I thought, how nice to be surprised even by our own selves. We loved this place but we couldn’t be prepared for the magic of what would follow.


We had seen photos of Hallstatt before but, as we arrived, we couldn’t help but drop our jaws and widen our eyes with amazement. We knew we had never been in a such a romantic place before – everything there looks like it was placed with the utmost care. The harmony, serenity and beauty of the place was simply overwhelming. The hills covered in snow, the swans swimming in the like just like in a Disney movie, the picturesque restaurants that blended so easily with the landscape. And there we were, dressed in our wedding dress and suit, in that romantic place. Could there be a better place to celebrate love?


We covered every inch of Hallstatt – we wanted to make the most of that place, take as many photos as possible and create many moments together. And so it was. Hallstatt became one of our favorite destinations and we feel so privileged to be able to have enjoyed each detail of that place (a place that looks straight out of a fairytale) in our wedding dress and suit.


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