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The Honeymooners in the Holy Land

Jerusalem, Israel 31/03/2018

Jerusalem is a city we have long wanted to know for its mystique, history and beauty. It had never occurred to us that we would have to cross the narrow streets dressed as bride and groom, but the truth is that it happened and it was a very strong and remarkable experience.


We started our session at the beautiful Waldorf Astoria where we spent a couple of hours because its architecture and beauty deserve it. Then we continue to the heart of the city from which the hotel is no more than 15 minutes' walk away. Contrary to what we do habitually we waited for the evening to walk the streets of the holy city. Along the way began the habitual and joyful congratulations of the tourists who like us walked there and of the cars that honked our passage.


It was mid-afternoon and we entered the city walls. The streets that for millennia were bloody and war stages were at that moment so beautiful and peaceful. We had with us Ben, a Jewish photographer who guided us through the streets he knows so well and photographed us with his simple artist look.


We ran through the walls for a joke and because we were afraid they would close, here we had a view of the whole city quite impressive.


We saw in the distance the Dome of the Rock (sacred place for Muslims) and heard the Islamic calls for prayer, while the bells were ringing from the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (a place sacred to Christians) and we heard the sound of the shofar that is the horn of the Jewish lamb in the area of the Western Wall (sacred place for the Jews). Can you imagine the whole melody? And there we were in the impending imbalance (which is always feared), the balanced and seductive melody that the wind carried, in our wedding dresses.


We felt our hearts racing because it was at this moment that we were going to enter the markets. The tail of my dress barely fit in wide in the narrow streets and then, I do not know yet how it happened, it seemed that the sense of the street had changed at that moment, because we inadvertently called attention and dozens of people turned to see us.


Here André said: "We are crazy" what I managed to answer was: "completely"! We felt briefly that it might go less well if someone there did not accept that idea as well. In addition, the narrow and dim streets did not give us security, something that changed in seconds because we heard the palms and saw smiles. We were congratulated by the Christians, the Jews and the Muslims. Along the way we were accompanied by applause, traditional songs and hundreds of looks as happy as surprised to see us there.


Markets appeared in sequence. We passed by Christians, Jews and Muslims and in that division created over thousands of years, in the air fragments of incense, the smell of coffee and the smoke of the candles were mixed. We walked along the Via Dolorosa in this costume and we felt the emotion that overflowed in those streets or it was not us at the time of Easter.


We tried not to hurt sensitivities, and in that place where war and peace are separated by such thin lines was something that really worried us.


We did not enter the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, we only photographed the door to its environment and architecture, we did not approach more than is acceptable from the Dome of the Rock and at the Western Wall we tried not to get too close. To get to this place there was a queue of more than half an hour. Queue in which were people of the three religions and know how long we wait? None! Everyone gave us passage.


Behold, a Jewish lady came to this place (Ben himself called her a fanatic in spite of his belief), she told me to cover my shoulders and warned that the choice was for her to expel me. Dozens of people quickly said that love was welcome there and that she should not be there.


Between applause, emotion and some nerves we photographed in that place. It was clear the most tense moment of the session, but the outcome made it worth the little scare.


The sensation and the result is something that falls in love like the Holy City. It was certainly the biggest challenge we have faced in our sessions to date. Not only because of the place we had chosen, but because at that time it had not been much longer than a month after my surgery (to Endometriosis) and my condition was fragile and André was always worried. The result was this! Worth it. Don´t you think?


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