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The Honeymooners in the monument of love

Taj Mahal, India 13/10/2016

Our day at the Taj Mahal was worthy of a true fairytale. Every time we look back on that day, it’s hard to contain our emotions. We knew this day would be different from anything we had ever done and from anything that had ever been done up until that point. But we could have never imagined the joy that moment brought us.


On vacation in India for a few days already, we woke up in Agra at 4:30am to put on our wedding dress and suit again and arrive at the Taj Mahal in time to get in while it was still empty enough that we could take our photos in peace.


Right at the entrance of that great monument of love, we were a surprise to the already long line that waited for the doors to open. People were kind enough to let us get to the front of the line and so we ended up being the first to enter that place of unparalleled beauty. It was a sunny and warm day, as all the days we had spent in India already. And as we stepped foot on the Taj Mahal we couldn’t believe our eyes. The most beautiful and perfect masterpiece we had ever seen stood right before us; undoubtedly worthy of its title as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.



Seeing each other there, in our wedding dress and suit, was exciting from the very beginning. We went absolutely quiet but our eyes still reflected the rollercoaster of emotions that we were feeling. Holding hands and with our hearts beating, we walked along the gardens around the Taj Mahal, reliving memories of our wedding day, looking into each other’s eyes at every camera flash, creating new dreams.



The people who visited the Taj Mahal that day were just as excited as us. Many asked us to take a photo, congratulating the idea and giving us wonderful bits of advice for our married life. But the funniest part was when they would ask where we were from and we would proudly say Portugal – they were even more surprised then! As one Indian tourist there pointed out: never had the Taj Mahal been photographed this way. East and West were connected that day by the most beautiful thing in the world – love.



We have lots of funny stories from that day: from choosing our photographer Radhika Pandit (one of the best in India); the trip she had to take from Ahmedabad to Agra and all the emails we exchanged from Portugal to ensure that the photo session would go smoothly on that day; the 8 flights we had to take and the constant fear of losing our checked luggage with the wedding dress; the night train we had booked to get to Agra on October 12 from Varanasi that wound up being 8 hours late leading us to book a last minute flight to make it in time for the shoot!...



From all of these stories, the one that truly matters is the story of a young couple in love, because love is truly what moves us. We have so many dreams still to fulfill together and doing this wedding photo session in one of the most beautiful places in the world was one of them.


Overwhelming and unforgettable, this fulfilled dream became just a dream once again. And thus, on many a night, we dream again to relive that day together.

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