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The Honeymooners in the morabeza island

Sal, Cape Verde 28/08/2018

When we arrived at the island of Sal in Cape Verde with our wedding suits in the suitcase, we thought: "This is a debut". To date we had not yet taken our adventure suits to the beach or even made a photo session in a place like this. But that is also the grace and purpose of this adventure, to make all moments last forever and create memories in all possible contexts. In this session we wanted to report in photos the most charming of the island of Sal, so the day before we toured the island to choose the places where we would stop, to photograph with our wedding dresses the next day.


After all seen and decided it was early in the morning that Txicau with her jeep waited for us at the door of the hotel, we dressed our wedding suits and there we went in search of eternize more moments and places. The first stop was at Kite Beach where we took pictures with a view of the sea. Here the scenery was all volcanic rocks, so different and enchanting ... I remember so well the words of Charrisco: "the black rock contrasts so well with your white dress"!



Already on the way to Murdeira and with an impressive view of Monte Leão, we do not hesitate to get out of the car and run on the road, deserted (so without danger), to capture that environment in which the sea and the desert seem to blend.


It was in Murdeira that the dress was close to experiencing salt water for the first time ... which turned out not to happen because my superhero was there for a protective nest!


In Ragona we enchant ourselves with a rocky formation where the water of the ocean gains a phenomenal color. It seems that the floor is painted, because it is precisely here that the color is a unique shade. But there is nothing artificial there, just another splendor of the many that we have already seen that "mother nature" has.


And, we have arrived to the Mirage of Terra Boa. Here another surprise and unique photos. What we see is a mirage. What is near seems far away, which is big seems small. Fantastic! You see, I even managed to have Andre "in the palm of my hand" and have the strength to blow him to make him "fly".


Already anxious we arrived at Pedra de Lume and here we photographed the salinas from an absolutely transcendent perspective.


On the way there, we passed a blue and white church that has a unique meaning. The first to be built by us the Portuguese when we went there to make the extraction of salt.


It was at the end that we arrived at Ponta Preta, a white sand beach, paradisiacal water and a very high dune. To perceive her beauty, we could call it "paradise", here the dress entered a little in the water, we danced with the waves and we played in the sand like two children disguised as prince and princess.


Going to the island of Sal in Cape Verde, the island of morabeza (means affability, kindness, gentleness) was a dream that we realized and we can only recommend you immense visit to the paradise of "no stress"!

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