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The Honeymooners in the “Terras do Demo”

Moimenta da Beira, Viseu 18/08/2018

Where is Moimenta da Beira? Let's imagine that Portugal is a person, in the heart of that person is where Moimenta da Beira is. And that's where we are. From the heart of Portugal, in the district of Viseu.


We do not have sea, we do not have great monuments, we do not have train station and much less underground, nor do we have the commercial centers. Here we have the saw, the orchards, the sparkling wine. We are proud of the interior of the country. From Camp. Where the potatoes are still sown, people pick up the apples, still get their hands dirty on the ground, where there are still shepherds and cows are seen in the pasture. And also where children still play quietly on the street. We grew up here and so it is here that we come back at the end of every long or short trip.


On the day he turned 27, André wanted to dress as a fiancé and I could not and did not want to say no. We went to the Leomil mountain, and in the breeze of late summer afternoon, with the sun trying to leave, we had so much fun.


We have in our land a wind fan colored by Joana (not me), the great artist Vasconcelos, which we proudly display in these photos and that we think is a brilliant background for our photos in love.


In these "Terras do Demo" as they were dubbed by our countryman Aquilino Ribeiro, these will not be the only ones we are sure to do, but they were the first and soon on the day our "Charrisco" celebrated its 27th anniversary.


You think you´ll enjoy this place?

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