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The Honeymooners travel in time

Havana, Cuba 17/07/2017

We have decided to go with the paradise of the senses to continue our adventure. It was in Cuba where I smell rum, coffee and tobacco, and where the people are kind and outgoing that André and I dress once more in our adventure suits.


We began our tour in Havana very early in the morning, and we were lucky to see the first sunbeams illuminating the city still slowly awakening. The colors of the cars and houses made it even more picturesque in those first few minutes of the day, and it definitely left us excited.


They say that going to Havana is going back in time, and going back in time to add unforgettable moments to our love story has made us even more grateful for the adventure we are experiencing. Throughout our day we were passing through the most emblematic sites of the city, and we were surrendered by many of them. Going to Havana was a dream of ours for some time now, and going there dressed as a bride and groom made the city even more special for us. The best thing about every photo session is that each one is unique and different from the previous one.


Here we felt the lightness of the Latin people as well as their joy and life. From the Passeo del Prado to the Malecon we were absorbed by the bustle of the colorful cars, honking as they greeted two newlyweds walking in their territory. We loved to be there to see with our own eyes the images so familiar to us, from the movies, and dressed up as grooms, it seemed that we were living our movie as well.


In Old Havana we watched the children play carelessly on the street, their grandparents sitting at the doors, always open, in relaxed conversations with whom would pass by. As it was very early, there was no confusion or whatsoever, and we used the opportunity to visit the Bodeguita del Medio, another emblem of the city, and when we turned the corner of the street we were surprised by the beauty of the Cathedral Square.


Then, the symbol of the city, the Capitol. Elegant, beautiful and imposing the freshness the city of Havana, it’s like as if it washes the soul of Havana. It’s a completely different area from the rest.


We were already dressed as bride and groom in a city full of personality, why not fulfill their traditions? It was with the Capitol as a backdrop that we drove in a pink Cadillac convertible. Seated on the back (something that is only allowed to the bride and groom), honking and celebrating our wedding. Believe it or not, we were applauded by those who passed by in the street and answered with honks from the other cars.


We felt truly welcomed in that passionate culture. We danced dressed as bride and groom to the sound of the Salsa in these streets, and we were delighted with the panoramic view in one of the most charming cafe/restaurant in the city, La Guarida. In this place, we saw Havana from the above. The colors of the buildings and the traces of the years that passed through them, the crossroads and narrow streets, the Capitol and the rhythms one can feel from there. It’s a building of unparalleled beauty. The golds of the large rooms and the large candelabra were a must-see scenario to enjoy even more our moments there.


Havana proved to be the perfect setting to continue our adventure. It was certainly a wise choice and a unique experience. From one of the most authentic places in the world, we brought memories and unforgettable moments.

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