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The paradise in Mexico: A day In Isla Contoy


When we decided to spend a week in Riviera Maya in 2014, Joana and I knew we wanted to make the most of our time to explore as much as possible. So, we ended up spending less time relaxing at our wonderful resort and more time on day trips to explore the best that Mexico has to offer.

It was on one of those day trips that we went to discover Isla Contoy, a paradise island and one of the most beautiful we’ve visited to date. Located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, this small island is government protected because it’s one of the last havens for sea turtles and other endangered bird species. For that reason, you’ll need to pay a fee to visit it but it’s so worth it for its incredible landscapes and biodiversity.

Our brief adventure started bright and early in the morning when we boarded our small speedboat that would take us to the island.


Every day, only 200 visitors are allowed on the island and there are some important rules to follow in order to ensure that tourism has no impact on the island’s ecosystem. As we approached the island, it became increasingly clear that we were about to visit one of the most unique places in the word. On Isla Contoy, there is no electricity, no potable water. On this uninhabited island, paradise is intact and you can see it from a distance. As the speedboat got closer to the coast, we only wanted to get our cameras out and start taking photos – even from so far away, the tropical landscape on this island is beautiful.


As soon as we disembarked on a small wooden dock, we felt the overwhelming beauty of nature surround us and we were ready to begin exploring that white sand. From the beach we headed through trails into a tropical forest and a refreshing lagoon. Along the way, our guide told us everything we wanted to know about the diverse flora and fauna that call Isla Contoy home.


To recharge, we had a delicious lunch at the island’s restaurant which included a fresh grilled fish and we lay down by the sea. In a few moments, we were back on our speedboat ready to continue exploring Mexico’s wonderful islands. It seems like it all went by so quickly yet, still, it was an unforgettable experience. We will always remember Isla Contoy as one of the most beautiful landscapes we’ve ever seen!


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