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Things to do in Verona – The 7 best sights


After a hot and busy day in Milan, nothing felt better than to arrive in Verona, take a breather and enjoy our time as a couple in the picturesque landscape of this little lover’s paradise.

To be honest, we knew way less about Verona than Milan. But that only made our visit that much more special and surprising. Filled with picturesque streets, every corner in Verona feels romantic with its serene and peaceful atmosphere.

Here, everything seems magical: the golden reflex on the old façades, the smell of flowers that permeates through the city… Verona is for the lovers. And to make your trip as a couple even more special, here are our tips of the attractions you can’t miss:




There is no better way to relive one of the most tragic literary romances than to visit the house that inspired its writer. It was exactly at Casa di Giulieta where, in Shakespeare’s fiction, Romeo would meet Juliet. But here, myth and reality easily blend and it’s not hard to let yourself be enchanted by this great love.




This “mini Colosseum” is the third largest amphitheater in the world and one of the dominant buildings in Verona’s landscape. It was here that the famous gladiator fights of Ancient Rome would occur. Today, in the summer, more than 30,000 spectators can attend the famous Opera and Jazz festivals that take place here every year. During the rest of the year, the Arena is open to visitors.




Another of Verona’s greatest symbols, Castelvecchio reigns over the city with its imposing ramparts. Originally built as a fortress, this 14th century castle now hosts a small museum filled with works of art from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and the Christian and Roman eras. Don’t forget to climb up the tower to get stunning panoramic views of the city!




This historical medieval bridge is actually a part of Castelvecchio and it’s one of the most distinguished bridges in Verona. It was destroyed during the II World War in a German shelling, but it was reconstructed again and we’re so glad because it has become one of Verona’s prettiest postcards.




This beautiful square in Verona was originally a market in Ancient Rome. Today, more than 2,000 years later, it still functions as a market filled with shops, cafés and restaurants. You can also find some of Verona’s most iconic and historical buildings here such as Palazzo Maffei and Casa dei Mercante. Make sure to visit and admire the square’s fountains and the imposing column topped with a Lion of Venice (a reference to the time when Verona was ruled by the Venetians).




The street that connects Piazza Bra and Piazza delle Erbe is the best street in Verona to go shopping. The biggest international stores are here and the street is so well preserved and so pretty with its medieval features that it’s a must to stop by here.




The San Zeno church is a Roman architectural masterpiece and it was built as an homage to the patron saint of the city, San Zeno. Constructed in 1120, the main doors are impressive with their bronze panels that tell stores of Adam and Eve and Saint John the Baptist.


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