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Travel agency or planning alone: which is the best option?


Are you thinking of making your dream trip? Perfect! Now you have to move on to the next step: start planning every detail!

When you are organizing your trip, you have essentially two options: you can hire an agency to handle all the details of your trip or organize it all on your own. Can't decide which option is best? Read our tips below!



The job of travel agencies is essentially to make your life simpler. They take care of everything - even: tickets, hotels, guided tours, restaurant bookings. Whatever you want or need, travel agencies are there to make travel planning and the trip itself as easy as possible. There are several reasons for opting for this service. Hiring a travel agency can be helpful to you if you are in any of the following situations:

- No time: The truth is that, as fun as it is, organizing a trip takes time. There is so much choice of flights, hotels and activities to bookmark that you will have to spend some time comparing prices, researching reviews and reading blogs to come up with new ideas. If you don't have time to deal with all these (and others!) Details, it is best to opt for the help of a travel agency.

- They don't know what they want: Maybe they know your destination but they don't know exactly what kind of trip they want to do. Or, they don't know your destiny well enough to know all the options they have. Travel agencies have a lot of experience and can help you understand exactly what they want and how to achieve it.

- If you are traveling to a very different place: Maybe you are already used to traveling in Europe, but are now planning a trip for the first time to Asia or South America? If you are taking a trip where there are more unknowns, it may be best to opt for a travel agency that can ensure that no detail remains unaddressed.

- If this is a special trip: Are you planning your honeymoon? Or an important trip that marks a special time for you, your friends, or someone in your family? It's natural that you want everything to go well on a special trip like this and a travel agency can give you the peace of mind you need.



Another option is to organize your trip alone. With all the information on the Internet today and all the travel blogs ready to inspire you and give you the best tips, you can perfectly plan your dream trip alone! Sure it takes longer, but it can be fun too! And there are great reasons to do so:

- It's cheaper: If you're trying to save money on your next trip, there's no better way than to organize it alone. They will have to spend a lot of time researching discounts, campaigns and promotions. But it will be worth it because in the end you will be able to have the trip of your dreams at the most affordable price!

- It's more flexible and spontaneous: When booking a trip with an agency, it can be difficult to leave moments on your trip for spontaneous decisions. For example, when organizing your trip alone, they may leave the decision of which monuments to visit (or at least the days or hours they are going to do) to just when they land. You don't need to have everything planned beforehand, and this is also one of the fun parts of traveling!

- It's more personalized: When you organize everything alone, you can create your dream trip from scratch. Travel agencies may end up creating standard packages like many others. By planning and marking everything alone, you can search and find different things to make your trip truly unique and yours.

- Helps you to know your destination better: You will have to search a lot (very much) to organize your entire trip. But this will be the best opportunity to get to know the country you are visiting. While researching hotels and monuments, you will learn about history and lifestyle in your new destination!

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