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Visit the Matterhorn through the Gornergrat Bahn


Gornergrat Bahn is the great tourist attraction to see the Matterhorn. If you’re coming from Zermatt and want to admire and photograph the Matterhorn in all its glory, you have to take this train ride on the Gornergrat Bahn.

From the moment you walk into the train, everything is just phenomenal. The Gornergrat Bahn is one of Europe’s oldest railways (it opened in 1898) and it’s also the continent’s highest railways track! Now, the views it offers? Unbeatable.

Your journey starts in the small town of Zermatt, down below in the valley with the Matterhorn imposing on the horizon. As you start climbing, the mountain becomes even bigger while the village of Zermatt becomes tiny in the distance. The train ride will take you through lots of picturesque stops but, let’s be honest, what you’re really looking forward to is admiring the Matterhorn!


As soon as our train arrived, we got our camera ready and didn’t stop taking photos for a second. With its huge windows, the Gornergrat Bahn is truly a privileged location from which to admire the Matterhorn against the white landscape of the Swiss Alps. Sit on the right side of the train (that’s where you’ll get the best views) and get ready to photograph everything!


Joana and I took a bunch of pictures, especially once we got to Gornergrat. At 3,135m high, Gornergrat offers a completely clear view of the Matterhorn. After taking a break and drinking a warm cappuccino at the bar, we walked back out into the cold and let our imagination run wild. We took photos together, photos just of the Matterhorn, with the Toblerone chocolate bar, we made silhouette shots… we had lots of fun and laughed a lot! Gornergrat is a really romantic and special place, even if you don’t practice any snow sports (like us!).


Even though it’s not a cheap journey, we feel like it’s so worth it to climb up to Gornergrat to admire one of the most beautiful views we’ve seen to date. The Matterhorn is a true monument of nature and we’re just sorry that we didn’t get to enjoy it at sunrise or sunset too! At the time we didn’t know this, but it’s possible to arrange sunrise breakfast and sunset dinner packages at Gornergrat. They’re a little more expensive but they include the possibility to see the warm colors of the sunrise or sunset touching on the incredible peak of the Matterhorn. A must!


Roundtrip tickets on the Gornergrat Bahn cost 94 Swiss Francs (~€88) per person (47 Swiss Francs/€44 per child up to 16 years old) and can be bought online or at the train station in Zermatt.

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