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Visiting the Europe most famous Christmas market in Salzburg


When December comes around, you start yearning for that magical night that is Christmas Eve. Among family and friends, it’s easy to start reminiscing about your childhood memories, recreating your fantasies and repeating old traditions that remind you of this festive season. From the day you pick up those Christmas decorations that were put away the year before, thinking about presents and watching those typical Christmas movies get you into the holiday season spirit. Even the radio starts playing different music filling your car and our daily life with those same songs you always hear at this time of year.

In December of 2016, the time came for the two of us to pick up our first Christmas tree. Luckily we had the chance to visit Austria and visit none other than one of Europe’s largest and most famous Christmas markets, Salzburger Christkindl-Markt.


When we got to the market, our eyes were wide open just like two kids in a dream: horse-drawn carriages, traditional wooden barracks filled with the most original Christmas decorations we had ever seen, Christmas ornaments made of glass or lace and colored gold, silver, white… Santa Clauses in all shapes and sizes.


Of course it was here that we picked up all of our ornaments, the lights and the Christmas tree star. We were so thankful for the opportunity to be there at that time because it’s wonderful to love someone and it’s even more wonderful to be able to do the things you love with that person.


We would take this trip again and again and again. It was so cold and the night fell so early but the smell of mulled wine blending with the smell of crepes that were prepared nearby created an even more special atmosphere at the market. The mood was light and we were enveloped in a joyous and relaxing atmosphere. Small details and great memories from this experience fill our hearts.


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